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Tools are items you can buy with credits to aid you in stealing from other players terminals. Tools can be bought from the interface in the upper right of the backpack and sold back for half price by toggling on "Sell Mode" in the backpack.

All items are one-use only and perform a specific function. On the turn that the player uses an item, mobiles (ie. droids, evader droid and bots) do not move, however electricity still cycles as per a normal move.

Plastic panel wrench.png Magnetic ram.png Titanium torch.png Remote virus.png
Plastic Panel
 Magnetic Ram Titanium Torch   Remote Virus
Pulse grenade.png Shock baton.png Barrier disrupter.png Wire cutter.png
Pulse Grenade Shock Baton Barrier Disruptor Wire Cutter
Composite torch.png Force field dart.png Shunt.png Antigravity field.png
Composite Torch Force Field Dart Shunt  Antigravity Field