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Termination is a major part of the game, and can occur from a number of events:

  • Being on the same tile as a terminal objects in a deadly state during a robbing a terminal or self test
  • Idling for 5 minutes in self test or robbing a terminal mode
  • Taking more than 20 minutes in total in a robbing a terminal (a warning appears in the last minute)
  • Clicking the "Confirm self-destruct" tickbox and then the "Self-Destruct" button

If any or multiple of these happen, the player will lose all of their credits, tools, paintings, bots, and terminal. After termination the player will receive a fresh start, a new terminal, a sentry bot, bots, a reset bounty, and $2000 credits.

Jaalertbot has given reaalertbots multiple times for why he feels termination during selftest is necessary for the game. <ref>[1]</ref><ref>[2]</ref>

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