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Terminal Objects are items that can be bought with in-game credits to place in your Terminal. They are your defense against intruders to stop them from stealing from your Vault or killing your Bots. Several terminal objects fall into several categories and as such, are listed multiple times below.


Obstacles are game terminal objects that block the intruder's path (or visibility) without causing damage.

PlasticWall.pngPlasticWall(Conductive).pngTitaniumWall.png CompositeWall.png DoorClosed.png PoweredDoor.png Viewport.png Exteriorwall.png

Deadly Terminal Objects[edit]

These are game terminal objects which have the potential to kill intruders to the terminal.

GravityTrench.png TrashCompactor.png ShockPanel.png TerminatorDroid.png ShockBlade.png

Note that the intruder has access to many tools which are specifically weapons, such as the magnetic ram, shock baton and remote virus. As the intruder carries them and they are not placed in the terminal, these are listed under tools rather than here in game terminal objects.

Powered Terminal Objects[edit]

Tiles which conduct, control or react to electricity. These terminal objects all have pairs of turquoise connectors on their sides. Note that, while all of these have something to do with , not all are conductive (pass power through).

For a discussion of and creating circuits as a topic, see [[]].

General Wiring[edit]

PowerCell.png Wire.png BridgeWire.png IndicatorPanelC.png PlasticWall(Conductive).png


Switches are game terminal objects that are triggered by intruders, droids and bots, turning sequences on and off. Bots will only trigger secure switch, whereas players and droids will only trigger the others.

Switch.png PermamentSwitch.png RotarySwitch.png PoweredRelay.png InvertedPoweredRelay.png SecuritySwitch.png

Powered Mechanisms[edit]

These will change state according to whether they are powered or not. Some conduct electricity to other adjacent components, but others do not.

TrashCompactor.png PoweredDoor.png ShockPanel.png


Mobile game terminal objects are able to move independently within the game, although first require to have sighted the naut. Mobiles can trip different switches, as well as being rendered unconscious or killed.

The Security Switch and Sentry Bot's remote virus are also technically classed as mobiles, but do not move and cannot be killed.


TerminatorDroid.png TrackerDroid.png EvaderDroid.png




These are game terminal objects which are guaranteed to exist at the start of a new terminal.

Vault.png Exteriorwall.png Airlock.png Floor.png