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Though the game is played online with the full population of active players, interaction is asynchronous, and players never see each other directly. Each player has a terminal and starts with a limited budget to build terminal objects for their terminal. The goal of construction is to keep other players out through tricks, traps, and puzzles. A player can also purchase Tools and attempt to break through the security of other players' terminals to steal credits and thus further build their own defenses.

Death, at any point in the game, is permadeath and forces the player to restart from scratch with an empty terminal and limited budget.

Terminal Heist is based on the game, The Castle Doctrine, a ground breaking game written by the brilliant game designer Jason Rohrer. We've added Android Support, iOS support, and of course Mac and PC are still supported. Log into your same character/terminal no matter where you are with what device. Additionally, we've changes the theme to a space/robots theme, and reduced the little violence left to cartoon quality - as a result Terminal Heist can be played by all ages.

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